Pure Vision Sorig Healing Center is designed to give variety of wellness treatments to guest of all ages. Our main treatments are traditional therapeutic gentle external therapy (Jyamtse Ku Nye) and Five Nectar (Amritas) Bath and Steam.

Jyamtse Ku Nye is a standalone treatment as well as preventive measure against illness and a supportive treatment in conjuction with other modalities. It is an excellent way to relax, promote general health and wellbeing. It prolongs life by clearing and sharpening the sensory organs while supporting the function of the internal organs.

In the Ku Nye treatments, therapist focuses on the specific points on the body which corresponds to different constitutions or natural of illness.

Our therapist is from local Bhutanese community who has received full training and has some years of experience in the healing and the wellness practice. They are dedicated to their work and are trying their best to serve the guest in the healing center.

Ku Nye is a traditional therapist massage, which uses oils infused with medicinal herbs, herbal pouches, tsampa (roasted barley flour), old butter and sacred stones on the specific points of the body. By applying pressure on those points, the therapist brings the three humors (Wind, Bile and Phelgm) back into their balanced state and encourages them to return to their respective seats in the body. It is used to maintain health and promote free flow of the vital energies within body.



Traditional Therapeutic Ku Nye Massage – 90/120 Min (2000 / 2500)

 Rejuvanating treatment where specific points are stimulated to facilitate the flow of energy (chi).


Traditional Relaxing Ku Nye Massage – (2000 / 2500)

Harmonizes and stimulates the flow of energy, release tension in the muscles and relaxes tired bodies.

Traditional Tsampa detox Ku Nye Massage – 120 Min (3000)

Tsampa (roasted barley flour) powder is used to get rid off toxins with a massage. It’s a detoxifying and cleansing treatment.


Therapeutic Back, neck & Shoulder Ku Nye – 60 min (1500)

Works on specific points to relief tired muscles and tendons


Therapeutic Zhab Nye (Detox Foot bath and Massage) – 40 Min (1500)

It loosens and relaxes sore and tight musclues.


Five Nectars (Amritas) Herbal Bath – 30 Min (1500)

Five Nectars (Amritas) Steam Bath – 30 Min (1500)

Dry Sauna / Steam Bath / Shower – 800


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According to the Sowa Rigpa tradition, the five nectar herbal fusion rejuvenates the body, stimulates boold circulation, expels dampness, heat and phlegm, eliminates toxins, benefits internal organs, strengthens the lower back and improves flexibility. The five nectar herbal fusion is also believed to benefit sports injuries, muscles pain, arthritis, rheumatism, skin conditions and chronic fatigue. It also has anti-stress and anti-ageing properties.